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If youíre like most people, youíve thought about changing banks a thousand times. Maybe youíve moved or changed jobs. Maybe your bank was inattentive, or is merging. Youíve got the reasons, but you havenít switched. Why? Because itís a hassle? Not any more! We have everything you need to make moving your accounts to Converse County Bank easy. To help you start taking advantage of the convenience and flexibility of a new account at Converse County Bank, weíve put together a helpful checklist that will assist in this endeavor.

  1. Open a new checking account that suits your needs, with Converse County Bank. When you open your new account, you will receive a starter kit containing a small amount of temporary checks. Write down the routing number and account number that are located on the bottom of your new Converse County Bank checks. Our routing number is 102301542, and your account number is immediately to the right.
  2. Sign up for Converse County Bank Internet Banking to access all your accounts over the Internet.
  3. Stop using your old checking account, but keep it open until all of your checks have cleared and your direct deposits and automatic payments have been changed. Destroy your old, unused deposit slips, checks, and ATM cards. Then balance your old account. Complete the Reconciliation Form and be sure to keep it for your records.
  4. Authorize Converse County Bank as your new bank for Direct Deposits. Complete the Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposits, using the account number and routing number from your starter kit, then mail it to the company or organization that issues the direct deposit. You can also use this form anytime you want to set up a new direct deposit to your accounts at Converse County Bank.
  5. Use the Authorization Agreement for Direct Payments to change any loan payments, membership dues, automatic investments, insurance payments, or any other payments that you currently pay through automatic payment from your checking account. Complete this form then mail it to the company that charges your account. Depending on when you send in the form, it may take two billing cycles for the change to be processed.
  6. Close your old checking account. Once all in-process deposits or withdrawals and automatic payments/deposits have cleared your old checking account, complete the Account Closing Form letter and mail it to your previous financial institution. Your former bank should send you a check for any remaining balance.

Click on the following for printable applications:

If you have any questions, just stop by one of our locations or call (307) 358-5300. We want to do everything we can to make your switch to Converse County Bank as simple and easy as possible.