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Wealth Management

Converse County Bankís investment philosophy reflects investment options tailored to each individual investor or entity.  We are not limited to particular types of investments, family of funds or individual investments.  We accommodate those requesting basic investment portfolios to those with the most sophisticated needs.


The investment management account is a discretionary investment account wherein the customer determines an investment strategy, establishes guidelines for the Bank to implement this strategy, and the Bank as your agent monitors your strategy. This type of agreement consolidates investment advice, record keeping, safekeeping of securities, and collection of income and bill payment. Converse County Bank, as Agent, collects interest and dividend payments in a money market account or as you direct. For your convenience, you receive one comprehensive report on a periodic basis detailing all of your investment activities. Plus, you are assured that the confidentiality of your portfolio is preserved.

Management is the key component of this program, which makes it our business to care for our customersí property, in trust or otherwise. In addition, experience has shown that by employing professional investment assistance, you are better equipped to cope with inflation, obsolescence and other adverse factors that can erode capital and reduce the purchasing power of your funds all for a fee which is surprisingly affordable when compared to other investment management alternatives.

Converse County Bank will analyze and create a strategy that best fits your individual circumstances. This may include traditional stock offerings, both U.S. and overseas equities, mutual funds, real estate, and bonds. Together we will consider your goals and objectives, time horizon, income requirements, beneficiary concerns, tax situation* and liquidity constraints, in short, every aspect of your current circumstances and projections for the future.  Our experienced investment advisors monitor your investments and make recommendations using the best research and analysis tools available.

Mineral Management

We are able to benefit our customers by expertly handling the complex and time-consuming responsibilities associated with specialty asset management as a trustee or an agent.  In addition to general management, our services include oil and gas lease review, evaluation and negotiation, and division order analysis and processing.    

Property Management

Owners who do not have the time, desire or expertise to handle the day-to-day management of their property will benefit from our Property Management Service. This service relieves owners from the task of handling tenants, operations and reporting requirements.  Keeping owners informed of their operationís status is a high priority. Communication is provided on a regular basis through personal contacts, reports and periodic statements of income and expense.