You may be surprised at what you’re about to read. Because it isn’t all about us. It’s about you.

Long ago, courageous, hardworking, and dedicated settlers first came to Wyoming. They brought their families, their belongings, and their dreams.

Together, they built houses, schools, churches, and businesses. They worked with the land, caring for it as though it were their lifeblood. Because at times it was. They filled their lives with the hopes of a promising future.

Along the way, these same locals made a huge investment in their community and in their futures. They opened the doors to what you know today as Converse County Bank.

A bank that mirrored the fiber of those it served. A bank rooted in respect, sincerity, and accountability. A bank where dreams not only found safe harbor, but a place where those same dreams could actually come true. 

Sound familiar?

Today, so many years later, you’ll find new homes, new schools, new churches, and new businesses throughout our area. You’ll find the ancestors of those original settlers. You’ll find new faces, new families, new hopes and dreams.

You’ll also find Converse County Bank in Douglas, Wyoming. And while Converse County Bank is able to offer the leading-edge financial products and services of today’s very busy world, we’re still local. Still providing safe harbor. Still committed to fulfilling the dreams of those we serve.

Converse County Bank, A bank just like you.