Leave the change and checks at home. With SettleUp, you can send money to anyone in seconds.

Next time you need to loan money to a friend, or someone needs to spot you some cash, make it quick and easy with SettleUp. SettleUp is built into the CCB Mobile Banking app and Online Banking that allows you to send money to anyone, instantly. No need to write a check, or go to an ATM.

SettleUp features include:

  • Instantly send money to anyone (even outside of CCB!)
  • Select which account to send money from
  • No paying fees! SettleUp is free to use
  • Money can be claimed instantly by the receiver
  • Send money with the mobile app or online banking
  • Easily see past payment history

With SettleUp, theres no hassle, and no fees! So when it's time to send money to a friend, SettleUp with the quick help of Converse County Bank. It's one more way we're helping you be happer, and better off.

You can activate SettleUp today by calling or texting us at (307) 358-5300, or you can learn more about how to use SettleUp by viewing our User Guides.

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