From ID theft recovery to password management, our ID Protect tool keeps your personal information secure.

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Add Identity Protection & Credit Monitoring to a qualifying account for an additional layer of security and peace of mind.

Product ID Protect ID Protect Gold ID Protect Family
Dedicated Resolution Specialist X X X
Lost Wallet & ID Theft Recovery X X X
Online Identity Vault X X X
Password Manager X X X
Daily Internet (Black Market) Monitoring X X X
Ongoing Education X X X
End2End Defense in-Depth Recovery Process X X X
Daily Credit Monitoring (One Bureau)   X X
Quarterly One-Bureau Credit Score   X X
$25,000 ID Theft Insurance   X X
Monthly Fee $4.95 $7.95 $10.95

Identity Theft Customer Service: Call CCB at 1-307-358-5300 during normal banking hours or after bank hours call 1-866-460-0095.

Identity Protection Portal: