Charities of Fire 2021


Charities of Fire is a relay race where you can put together a team of co-workers, friends, and family members, and choose a local non-profit that you want to support.

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Hot Night in the Park


One of the great things about Converse County is you! The people who live, work, and play here are what makes it special, and we want to get together for some family fun.

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Summer BBQ Schedule


We look forward to seeing you at our Summer BBQs, and hearing about how your life is, and where you'd like to go moving forward. So much is possible in the days to come.

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Pay's for A's: March 2021


It's been a busy quarter in the classroom, but it's time for all that hard work to pay off!

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Community Spotlight: Helping Hands


Imagine you have a big spotlight, what is it shining on? Today, our spotlight is on Helping Hands, and how they have provided support to those in need in our community.

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