Community Spotlight: Helping Hands


By: Zack Kilgore

Imagine you have a big spotlight, what is it shining on? Today, our spotlight is on Helping Hands, and how they have provided support to those in need in our community.
Over the past few years, Helping Hands has helped donate more than $80,000 to those in need in our community, helping people with rent, utilities, medical expenses, and so much more. The need for this support in our community is increasing, making this program even more important in making a positive difference in the lives of many.

You can make a difference

Helping Hands accepts donations in different forms, including monetary donations and gently used items donated from the public. You can visit the Helping Hands shop at 103 S 8th St. in Douglas, WY, or find more information on the Helping Hands Facebook, or by calling (307) 359-5203.

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